Registration Information

In order to register for classes each quarter all students will need to meet certain requirements for different entities on campus. Student Health Service, for example, requires that all current students taking classes on campus have had a negative TB/PPD skin test within the past 12 months. Failure to renew this health requirement at least once every academic year will result in a hold on your registration process. Holds may also occur for any outstanding Pre-entrance Health Requirements that were not completed upon acceptance into the university.  

To avoid delays during registration, students should plan ahead and be aware of their health requirement due dates. The best way to check for any existing health holds is to log-on to your student portal.

Students are strongly encouraged to address any outstanding health holds prior to registration periods. Students may experience long lines at Student Health Service and delayed processing of paperwork if they wait until registration to resolve health holds.   

For more information regarding health holds and health requirements, click on one of the following links:

Influenza Vaccines and Additional Immunization Requirements

Influenza vaccinations are a yearly requirement for all on campus students. Student Health Service will schedule vaccination clinics with each of the University’s Schools to help you meet this requirement. Loma Linda University complies with state and federal regulations relating to communicable disease prevention and reserves the right to require additional mandatory vaccination of the student population if deemed necessary.